I began making a few of these "insects" before the 2020 Pandemic erupted. A friend of mine who is a nurse practitioner said they suggested microscopic forms. Then during the quarantine it just felt right to keep making one after another.

For two weeks in the summer of 2019 I was a guest of artists Linnea Glatt and Jim Cinquemani in their Dallas,Texas, home/studio. During that time we created a working "residency," culminating in an exhibition of my work in their courtyard studio.

This installation grew one "Monologue" at a time in my studio. Then in 2016 it was shown at the Art House Gallery in Jersey City, in the exhibition "Errand Into The Maze" curated by Arthur Bruso and Raymond E. Mingst. Each time the work is installed the configuration changes to fit the architectural space.

Dixon Place, founded in 1985 by its Executive Director, Ellie Covan, is a laboratory for performing and literary artists to present original works. In 2009, after years of location in Ellie’s New York livingrooms in the East Village and then on the Bowery, Dixon Place opened the doors to its own custom-built facility at 161 Chrystie Street. I was commissioned to create a permanent cement bas relief in the stairway leading to the large main theater.

The Roda Sten is a building in Gothenburg, Sweden. In 2000 I took part in the exhibition "Over the Ocean," curated by the musician, Biggi Vinkeloe. "Over the Ocean" was a gathering of artists from Europe and the United States, visual artists, musicians, dancers, singers, and poets. My contribution to the exhibition in the Roda Sten was to fill a brick-walled basement room with nineteen life-size figures. I worked in situ, applying cement to the walls with my hands. The effect was of figures seemingly drifting through the walls and into the room.